Future Treaty 2009



Demands Voluntary Commitments

We want voting rights for all young people from 16 years on local, national and European levels and from 14 years on neighbourhood issues.

We want referendums on all important topics on all levels (local, national and European) with voting rights starting from 14 years. Everyone should be involved before referendums start.

We want a youth council in every city! The youth councils should have advisory status in the city councils.

We will engage ourselves and encourage other young people to get involved in youth organisations, youth councils and projects.

We will find out about young people’s concerns and communicate them to politicians.

We will connect young people by organising youth summits on national and European levels and form new youth councils.


Demands Voluntary Commitments

We demand free education for everyone. This means schools and universities, and also books and other materials should be free.

We demand the same education system in the European Union that guarantees the same chances for all students and also integrates foreigners.

We demand a change of the curricula so that there is more practical work, current topics and projects instead of too many theoretical lessons.

We commit to propose a constitution at our schools to create more equality between teachers and students.

We commit to use all our possibilities that we have to improve our schools.

We commit to inform everybody (classmates, teachers, parents, press, local councils etc.) about our demands of more participation in the decision-making of our schools.


Demands Voluntary Commitments

We demand more money and support for intercultural project days in schools and for youth exchanges and voluntary services.

We demand a shorter period of time and easier conditions to apply for a residence permit and citizenship for immigrants.

We demand equal treatment and immigration rights for everyone no matter which country he or she is coming from.

We commit to make contacts with people from other cultures or countries. We will visit a cultural or religious house in our home town for example.

We commit to study and inform people about immigration rights and the living conditions of migrants in our countries.

We commit to participate in and support intercultural project days in our schools and youth exchanges and we will ask other young people to join us.


Demands Voluntary Commitments

We demand improvements to the school system through social programs at school, active discussion about other cultures and religions in class. We demand more money to create the opportunity to participate in school or youth exchanges across the whole world, which will help us to understand and respect other cultures.

We demand that politicians stop violence in the world, show respect to other countries and start talks to prevent arguments and conflicts.

In order to help the victims of terrorism politicians need to give financial and emotional help.

We have to respect and preserve all cultures. All people share the same earth and have the same origins, we accept this as a normal thing from which many cultures have been formed.

We want to be more tolerant with other people and learn how to speak out loudly to voice our opinion.

We will become more aware of the different cultures, religions and points of view from other people by choosing our information from independent sources.


Demands Voluntary Commitments

Politicians should make time to talk about social issues like racism in highschools.

We want the politicians to initiate and support national prevention days on racism.

We want the politicians to set up a helpline for victims of racism.

We want to learn about other countries and cultures.

We want to help people who are rejected because of racism.

During holidays we will make contacts with people from the country we are visiting.


Demands Voluntary Commitments

We demand the same rules concerning drug policies in every European country which have to be strictly controlled.

We demand more actions in school with ex-addicted to inform parents and young people about the consequences of consuming drugs and how to handle this taboo topic.

We demand politicians to support drug free festivals to show that people can have fun without drugs and alcohol.

We all commit to be confident enough to resist the temptation of peer pressure of taking drugs.

We commit ourselves to be responsible with our behaviour concerning drugs and respect people who live without drugs.

We commit ourselves to get involved in volunteer work to help people with drug problems.


Demands Voluntary Commitments

We demand that bio-fuels that come from lands that used to be rainforest are not allowed to be imported to the European Union.

We demand that all official buildings and especially schools in Europe should use recycled paper.

We demand that there should be a European law that regulates financial support for people who want to use solar power systems and to sell the electricity back.

We commit ourselves to buy more products with less greenhouse gas emissions and also to buy more local and organic products.

We commit ourselves to save energy by turning off the lights and not putting electrical devices on stand-by.

We commit ourselves not to support companies (e.g. fast food chains) that produce a lot of waste.