European Children's Summit 2009

From April 14th to 19th 80 young delegates from the Czech Republic, Romania, France, Great Britain, Poland, Austria and Germany met in Karlsruhe. The young people aged 13-17 years discussed topics like terrorism, integration, education and environment. Their demands were summarized in a Future Treaty. Afterwards they discussed the treaty with politicians of the German “Bundestag” and of the European Parliament.

Gruppenbild (Fotograf: Sebastian Suk -


What does the Children's Summit offer?

Finally, you will attract adults’ attention to what you have to say. You will exchange your ideas and wishes with other young people from Europe. Furthermore, you will get the chance to discuss with well-known politicians, to get hints and answers from specialists to your questions. And of course you will have a lot of fun!


What happens to your ideas and wishes?

In workshops on different topics you can exchange your ideas and wishes with other young people. Your results are summarized in demands and self-commitments in a contract, the so called „Zukunftsvertrag“. But that is not all: You will present and hand over this contract to politicians calling upon them to keep these demands in mind.


Where and when does the European Children's Summit take place?

The first European Children Summit will take place in Karlsruhe (Germany) from the 14th to the 19th of April, 2009. Most of the time, we will be at the Anne-Frank-House, the house of the youth in Karlsruhe. Under you can get an idea of our accommodation.


Which languages are spoken at the European Children's Summit?

The languages of the Children Summit are English, German and French. Therefore it is important that you have basic knowledge in English and that you are able to speak and understand at least one of the three main languages.


Who prepares the Children's Summit?

The Children's Summit has been prepared by Young Naturefriends Germany together with the City of Karlsruhe. In order to take into account your wishes and interests, there was a preparation meeting before where we have decide e.g. on the topics of the workshops, the program and the politicians who should be invited. Every country could send two young people and one adult supervisor to this meeting which will take place from the 17th until the 19th of October in Karlsruhe.